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Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world


Rich learning experiences that provide a broad liberal arts foundation and deep subject-area expertise.


Unsurpassed opportunities to participate in the advancement of entire fields of knowledge.


Continuing adult education, executive and professional programs, and programs.

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Agricultural science

Offers a comprehensive exploration into the intricate world of agriculture, sustainability, and food production.

economics & marketing

Providing students with a comprehensive understanding of economic principles and their real-world applications.

Computer Engineering

Specialized programs that offer students a comprehensive exploration of computer systems, programming, and networking.

Science technology

Nurtures the passion that leads to breakthroughs, making an impact on society and shaping the future of science & technology.

Engineering technology

Under the mentorship of experienced faculty members, students gain practical insights into various engineering disciplines.

Environmental technology

Through hands-on projects and real-world applications, students develop practical solutions to mitigate environmental impact.

Offering extraordinary freedom to explore, to collaborate, and to challenge yourself.

Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world!

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The “News and Events” section at Federal Polytechnic Kabo is your window into the vibrant and dynamic happenings within our institution. Stay informed about the latest developments, achievements, and noteworthy initiatives that shape campus life.

Aug 17, 2023


Introduction to campus life, resources, and the vibrant community that awaits new students.

Aug 17, 2023


Momentous celebration of academic achievement and a culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

Aug 17, 2023


This event not only celebrates accomplishments but also inspires others to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to the campus.


school enviroment & technology

Our focus at Federal Polytechnic Kabo is centered around fostering academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development among our students.

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